The Boob Tour is a brand friendly comedy show that appeals to both females and males. Your product being highlighted infront of a live and appreciative audience will get you the exposure that you are looking for. Our tours catchy name and feel good attitude uses the power of laughter to fight cancer.

Great opportunity for:

Beverage companies: Almost every show has control of their own beverage service and offers alcohol. Its a relaxed atmosphere and people like to modestly consume beverages. Its a great way to offer a new beverage to appeal to their pallet.


Benefits of Sponsoring The Boob Tour:

  • Get a great feeling from the help you are offering 🙂
  • Have your product featured at a live event in front of a large consumer group
  • Get featured on TBT website, social media posts and more.
The show is in front of approximately 1500+ live people each tour and countless more through print adds, Radio, and social media.

Contact  advertising(at)jamesthecomic.com for more details. or call 323-570-HAHA

Become a Marque Sponsor for an entire tour “The Boob Tour by (your company)” be exposed up to 1,500+ people live in a single week and thousands more on radio, internet, and newspaper. Have your booth or display in a highly visible area during the evening!