Lars Callieou

Lars began his comedy career on Sunday May 18, 2003. It was an auspicious beginning at a pub named Fargo’s in Edmonton. For the first year the comedy world was exactly the same and Lars spent it wondering what auspicious meant.

Then in June of 2004 he was named the Funniest New Comedian in Edmonton when he won the Comedy Idol competition. First prize was a trip to Toronto where he competed again and was named the Funniest New Comedian in Alberta. Since then he has been featured on City TV, CBC Radio and on his own weekly comedy radio show on CJSR 88.5 FM in Edmonton which he hosts Wednesdays at midnight.

He has opened for the likes of Mitch Fatel, Kevin Pollack and Aries Spears. Has shared the stage with Russell Peters and Mike MacDonald (he’s good at sharing). Ed magazine named Lars, “One of the top ten comedians to watch…if you’re already at a show…and he’s on it.”

The comedy world has taken notice…that it’s wallet is missing. Lars has an air tight alibi… he said the comedy world must have dropped it while it was drunk. Don’t blame me for that shit comedy world…I’ll take you by storm!

From his humble beginning in a pub to headlining his first club Lars has received countless awards…well they would be countless if you weren’t able to count higher than 5. The awards are nice but his goal is to be great at making people laugh. He’s well on his way.

Note: Lars wants people to know that comedians write their own bios…and are forced to refer to themselves in the third person. He thinks this is funny.

Lars Headshot