You would probably go see comedy anyways and you would probably donate money to a worthy cause. Well now you can feel good about doing them both at the same time!

Proceeds from the TBT go to fight Cancer! We prefer to support local charities and keep the money in the communities that come out to support the cause. We want to make a difference in the areas we visit and have results that affect those in that area that are in need.

We focus on raising money that goes to the support groups, health foundations and Cancer Centres that work on the front lines. These funds can go towards a number of things like medications, transportation or equipment that these smaller Cancer Centres need.

The 2 main philosophy’s of The Boob Tour are:

1. Raise awareness and funds for breast Cancer and all Cancer charity.

2. Promote comedy and the power of laughter

“The main goal of the TBT is sustainability, we want to build a lasting relationship with audience, venues, and the communities we visit as a whole.  Are idea is to establish a yearly philanthropic tour, anybody can build a tour once but its my goal to have this go on for as long as the funding is needed”

James Uloth-creator of TBT

History: In 2007 the I Love Boobs logo was born and from its inception it was a fundraiser tool. Originally being branded on stickers and t-shirts that were being sold after shows and online, but it was time to take it further. Now it has evolved into The Boob Tour (TBT) a collaboration of comedians using their laughing forces to raise money for Breast Cancer Charity. 2010 is the debut year and were raising money the best way we know how, putting on a hilarious comedy shows North America wide. Making you Laugh for the cure, this wild show is like no other and comes with the Breast of Intentions.